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Abbotts Ann Magazine

Price 50p from the Village Shop or delivered free in Abbotts Ann on subscription of £6 per annum. Monthly or Annual advertising is available and leaflet drops can be arranged. Advertising rates are as follows:- Monthly advertising (black and white only) Quarter page £15 per insertion Half page £30 per insertion Full page £60 per …

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When does the story of the village begin ? One answer could be that it starts before the dawn of recorded history, with the movements of land and oceans which formed the geological structure of the area. The chalklands of southern England were once the bed of a shallow sea, until some movement of the …

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Housing for Local People

Below you will find information about the Abbotts Ann Housing project including: Latest progress report Questions and answers about the project Account of the public meeting on 17 January 2017 Slides presented at the public meeting on 17 January 2017   More information can be obtained from: Beth Deacon  711041 David Read 710090 …

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Village History Archive

Coming Soon from Tim Tayler

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Abbotts Ann is a village in the parish of the same name, approximately 2 miles (3.2 km) south-west of Andover, Hampshire, England. There are also some documents produced in 2006 which show some good detail of the village, including footpaths. These can be viewed here and here. Key – 1 – The …

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Village Design Statement

First published in June 2000 The Village Design Team and the Parish Council provided every village household with a copy of the Abbotts Ann Village Design Statement. You can view and download your own copy of this detailed Village Design Statement. To download this document in PDF format click here. The main purpose of …

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