Abbotts Ann Community Support Group

Calling all children in Abbotts Ann
The good news is that the school term has
ended early, but the Really Good News is that now
you can become a Superhero

The Abbotts Ann Community Support Group is assembling an army of
Superheroes to become Pen-Pals to all the people in the village
who are going to be in self-isolation over the next few months.

We want you to write letters, cards, make pictures, write stories and jokes
to cheer up everyone who is going to be on their own for a while.
And you never know – they may even write back to you!

To become an Abbotts Ann Superhero Pen-Pal
Sign up at: www.abbottsanncommunity.co.uk
or send an email to: abbottsanncommunity@gmail.com

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