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Village Hall Committee

Your Abbotts Ann War Memorial Hall Committee comprises of the following volunteers 2022/23 :


Elected Committee Members

Andrew Thompson (Trustee)
Graham Stallard (Trustee)
Philippa Law (Treasurer & Trustee)
Mark Stevens (Facilities Manager)
Anna Broome (Lottery Promoter – 100 Club)

TBC Secretary

Co-opted Committee Member Organisations Representatives

Jenny Read Abbotts Ann Players

Beth Wildbore

Jordan Hill

Nursery Committee

Nursery School

Helen Clark Women’s Institute
TBC Fete Committee

Neil Palmer 


Grant Applications

Village Member

Additional (none Committee Members)
Mick Knight (Caretaker)
Jordan Hill (Bookings Manager)

For all booking enquiries of the Hall and/or meeting room

Please call Jordan Hill on 07732 083370 or email thewarmemorialhall@gmail.com

For general cleaning & upkeep enquiries for the Hall, please call Mick Knight 07780661671

The hall is a registered charity, 301719, and it is the responsibility of the Village Hall Management Committee – a group of volunteers who constantly strive to improve the facilities, there are always important projects in the pipeline as well as normal maintenance and upgrading of the hall.  We are a non-profit making body who carry out improvements and repairs from the revenue generated, we are not supported by any external body and major projects are funded by our fundraising and any grants we are able to obtain from other sources.



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