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Hello Reader

Any minute now you will be having a paper copy of the magazine drop in your letterbox, yippee – I hear you all cry! I can only hope that it has been worth the wait!!

We are going to continue the online version and are giving you the choice as to whether you prefer paper or online. In order to be able to do this efficiently we will need to know from you which you would prefer. This information needs to be made clear to us so that in October when we start up the subscriptions again we will be charging you accordingly, therefore also having the correct amount of magazines printed.

The paper magazine subscription will be going up to £1 (per month), still well worth it (yep, I know, I’m biased!).

The Online subscription will be £0.50p (per month), this will be all set up and ready for the October edition, I have been assured that it will be very easy to use to pay for your online subscription.

If for whatever reason you miss any of the distribution team when they are dropping off the magazine (for they are the ones who will be collecting names for paper or online), don’t panic, you have plenty of time to let us know your choice, but do please let us know as we hate for you to be missed out completely.

Kind Regards

Judeth Dashwood — Editor

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