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Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

The village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme was formed in 1990 and initially relied on a number of local coordinators who would pass on information to the residents in their immediate area. However as digital devices have become universal communication now relies on a coordinator passing information directly by email to anyone who signs up to the scheme.

Warnings about bogus traders known to be operating in the County, or criminal activity that is particularly relevant to our area are fed into this network by Hampshire Trading Standards Office or the Police. There is a National NHW alerts scheme that also feeds into our network. This is often about new scams that are circulating by email, phone or even by people knocking on the door. Advice about home security is also passed on.

But our scheme works in both ways as anyone living in the village can also notify the coordinator of something suspicious that they have seen or indeed criminal activity that they have reported to the Police, and this information is then shared as soon as possible throughout the village network, thus increasing the awareness of threats to the community.

With the ever growing pressure on the limited Police resources this Scheme has become increasingly relevant.

Over sixty households in Abbotts Ann belong to this network and the more people join the more effective it becomes.

So do join up by contacting the Village Coordinator Chris Davis.

Any criminal activity you see should be reported to the Police on 999 if it is being witnessed, or on 101 if it has occurred, however minor it may seem so that the Police can build up a bigger picture of what is going on.

Chris Davis


01264 710289

May 2021

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