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Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Overview of the Village Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Updated on 20th July 2013     

The Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in Abbotts Ann was formed in February 1990. Since then the village has had considerable success at keeping a major proportion of crime at bay. There are currently just over 20 local coordinators, covering most areas of the village. Each of these takes responsibility for passing on information emailed through to the Village Coordinator by the Police and County Trading Standards Officers. But villagers equally can opt to be notified directly by the village coordinator, and many are now on this email alert system. 

Of course this system also works in reverse so that the eyes and ears of the Villagers provide vital information which, through their Local Coordinator and then Area Coordinator, can keep the Police informed of any unusual happenings. 

We also rely on your help at all times, not only in reporting, but in ensuring that you take the necessary security precautions with your own property, including your shed and vehicles.

So please do join the local network using email, so that all information can be sent to you as quickly as possible. 

If you see anything unusual actually happening then ring 999 without delay. If it has happened then contact your own coordinator, who can relay that information to the Police or take advice from the Area Coordinator. Even the smallest detail can be that missing piece of the puzzle. 

The Village discourages ‘door knockers’. If any stranger knocks on your door offering any service or goods then you can inform the Police on 101 giving your post code and the caller’s description. The Police will arrive to check that individual if resources allow. This simple action helps everyone and the Police insist that each caller is reported as soon as possible to them. 

For any non-emergencies use 101.
In recent months there have been many changes in the Hampshire Constabulary. Our local Police Officer is now PC Roy Dowinton however if you wish to contact the Police use the Andover Police Station which is open at all normal times. (01264-333511).

Roy is assisted by Police Support Community Officer Lisa Flowers. 

Any further information and support can be obtained from:-

Chris Davis — The NHW Village Coordinator
Pitt House, Duck Street — 01264- 710289 email: cwrj.davis@btinternet.com 

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