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Dear all

Welcome to the Christmas Edition of the Parish Magazine 2020.

I’ve decided to do something different with my picture pages this month, I’ve turned them into a quiz! I’m going to test your observational skills of the village, see how much you are aware of as you walk around our little lanes! This is just for fun and I hope you enjoy it – good luck!

On a different note, an answer to many of those who enquire about the magazine going back into print – short answer – not yet! Below is the response from the Church that I adhere to whilst being an editor of a Parish Magazine.

The current Church of England guidance says this:

Coronavirus COVID-19 may live on paper and cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, and so any paper delivery represents a transmission risk. For this reason, parishes are encouraged to look to digital communication, and telephone calls to keep in touch.

Where printed materials are used, precautions should be taken to minimise the risk of transmission.

So – there you have it!

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has contributed to the magazine – there would not be one otherwise! Thank you very much to Keith Saunders who has put this online through these awkward months and especially a big thank you to all you readers.

And finally – a very big Merry Christmas!


Kind Regards

Judeth Dashwood — Editor

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