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Hi Readers,

I’m not ashamed to say I shed a few tears at various moments throughout the days the country was in mourning and during the funeral itself. Call me a softy, but they flowed more freely when they showed the Queen’s horse Emma and a couple of her corgis. Even during this sad time we can at least understand why we dip our heads, shed some tears and mourn the loss of someone who was so special and sacred to us and know that she will never be forgotten


It’s a ‘new year’ for the magazine, well, regarding membership and adverts etc, because of covid and the excess already sitting at the printers from that time, we have swung round to October now being the start of our new year – confused? try putting it altogether, which was mainly handled by Graham Platford, our Ads Manager – I’m so grateful Graham!


Anyway, enjoy!

Judeth Dashwood

Editor – Abbotts Ann Parish Magazine


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