St Mary’s Abbotts Ann Restoration Project

St Mary's AA

Restoration Project Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

and St Mary’s Abbotts Ann Church Building Trust

We are most pleased to be able to announce that our project, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and St Mary’s Abbotts Ann Church Building Trust, to restore St Mary’s is about to start. The project is expected to take some four to five months and to finish just before Easter 2016. Replacing the Nave, Chancel and Vestry roofs, plus masonry, brick work and drainage repairs are to be carried out with a forecast completion date of 24 March 2016. Whist we will try to keep the church running as normal, there are bound to be some restrictions.

Contractors will start work in the week commencing 19 October 2015. The construction of the scaffolding and temporary roof will start a week later and could continue up to the end of November.

Please proceed with caution when using Church Path or the Church grounds and building during the restoration work. Materiel will have to be carried from Church Road to the Church, from the start date above until the work is completed, at any time during the working week; which will normally be Monday to Friday, 0800 to 1700.

The period 26th October to the end of November 2015 could be particularly hazardous, as scaffolding will have to be carried along the path to the Church. So for this period the church will be locked during the working week, when the public are also requested not to go within 10 metres of the church building.

You are also requested not to go round the back (the South Side) of the church during working hours for any reason for the duration of the project. Families needing water for graveside flowers are requested to bring it with them.

To help clarify matters:-

  • When the church is open a Green sign will be placed on a notice board at the entrance to the church access path, and by the West door, when the church is open and access is permitted, and a Red one when it is locked and access is forbidden.
  • Signs will be placed at both ends of Church Path to give warning that the path may be being used during working hours for carrying materiel to and from the church.
  • In addition, security tape will be placing round the church to prevent access to the church and its immediate surrounds. This tape will be tied back at the Western access path to the church when access is permitted and the church is open.

The contractors will establish an administrative site in the car park off Church Road. So from 19 October 2015 until Easter 2016 the car park will be closed. Access through the car park for Riding for the Disabled into the field beyond will be maintained.

It is emphasised that church services will continue as normal. These measures are only for your own safety. It is not envisaged that there will be any danger to the public out of working hours. The measures being taken are to try to ensure that everyone is safe


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