Statement from the Village Shop Committee (Updated)


Our village shop is at the centre of our community and it will always remain so. 
In these very challenging times the Shop Committee have decided to make necessary changes in order to minimise the risk of infection to the community and yet continue to provide the best service we can to you all.

1. In order to give our staff time to clean the shop thoroughly, we will now close half an hour earlier each day at 5 pm (the same time as the Post Office). 
The staff will continue to spend much of their time repeatedly cleaning key parts of the shop throughout the day.

2. All the cafeteria chairs and tables inside and out have now been removed from the shop. No hot drinks will be sold except those served in a sterile paper cup provided by us. Any drink must not be consumed on the premises.

3. When approaching the shop, or inside it, it is of paramount importance that you keep at least two metres away from anyone else and of course do not make physical contact.  We are introducing a different way of queuing which will reduce the number of people who need to be near the till. Only TWO customers will be allowed in the shop at any one time to reduce the risk of infection as far as possible.

4. Our amazing managers and volunteers are under great pressure. They are trying to provide the best service under the most testing conditions we have ever known. Please  do give them your absolute support and respect.

5. As the government gives new advice nationally, and daily, and as circumstances in the village change we will review our policies and keep you informed.

Thank you all

Chris Davis 
Village Shop Association   

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