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Hi Readers

Well, we’ve got past the latest cold snap, now we’re back to the more familiar wet drizzle and gloom, hopefully you will find some cheer in the magazine!

I will apologise now for any mistakes, past, present or in the future I may make when putting the magazine together. Sometimes, no matter if you put a spell checker through it, or that you study it closely to make sure everything is where it needs to be and that there are no strange anomalies that one may have missed – they still seem to jump out at you after the fact.
Yes, all I can do is groan and think how on earth did I miss that?

So – I apologize, sure I missed something in this edition – it will let me know later, maybe you can groan with me, or laugh and accept I’m only human after all!

Judeth Dashwood

Editor – Abbotts Ann Parish Magazine

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