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Church Property Documents

Various documents list property belonging to the Church

At various times the church authorities made a “Terrier” or inventory of their property. A Terrier of the Glebe Lands of the Parsonage, AD 1638, lists holdings of strips in various fields as does another dated 1766. This second one lists in detail the buildings that went with the parson’s dwelling house, namely a ‘brewhouse, coach-house, pidgeon house, barn and stables’. Another document related to the church goods.

It was a “Schedule of Movable Goods belonging to Abbotts Ann Church

A good large Folio Bible Two large Common Prayer hooks
A surplice, pulpit cloth and cushion One pewter flaggon
One silver cup and salver washed with gold
A Woolen and Linnen cloth with a napkin for the Communion table
Two chests, the one new, the other old, with one lock to each
A black burying cloth and four bells
This is an exact inventory of all the removable goods appertaining to the parish church of Abbotts Ann, as witness our hands this 27 April 1726 Robert Willis Rector Thos. Crissick Robt. Morrant Churchwardens

A much later book on the Church Plate of Hampshire, 1909, lists the Abbotts Ann plate as follows:

1) Chalice and cover silver
2) Paten silver 1800. Engraved ‘Ex dona Thomas Burrough M.A. hujus ecclesiac Reetoris 1801’.
3) Flagon silver 1759 Engraved ‘Ex dono Mariae Dominae Broughton Dominae Manorii Abbates Annae 1793″