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Building and Restoration


Renewing the fence

The churchyard boundary fence along Church Path is in the late stages of collapse. We have obtained a faculty to replace it with estate fencing like the burial ground fence and a quotation that we expect Abbotts Ann Parish Council to accept when TVBC has approved the work.

Repairing the bier shed

The bier shed roof timbers had failed, causing the ridge to drop and the roof to spread and push the north wall away from the boundary wall.   Slates had slipped, the brick and flint work was unstable. With the Archdeacon’s permission Adam Rose and his team has made the structure stable, wind and water-tight and the roof is a wonderful example of a master joiner’s craft.

Installing a WC

Planning permission has been granted for a stand-alone WC facility on the south side of the church opposite the door to the bell tower. This means that we can now invite tenders and make approaches to funding organisations for grant aid for this project.




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