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About AAGA

green-recycleAbbotts Ann Green Action (AAGA) aims to provide people in Abbotts Ann with information about how the planet’s resources are running out and how our climate is changing. We want to encourage the whole village to develop a low-carbon life-style both by using less energy, preferably from renewable sources, and by making changes in life-style.

We do this both by organising fun events like the popular annual Apple Day, and by promoting projects for more efficient energy use. A project to generate our own energy in the village is a real possibility. Volunteers to help with Apple Day and get involved with our other projects are very welcome. Contact Jo, from whom a leaflet giving more information is available.

Committee members are David Read (Chair), Jo Dixon (Secretary), Ann Hopwood (Treasurer), Wendy Davis. 

For further information please contact Jo Dixon on 01264 710458.