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The Abbotts Ann Vision Transport Project was set up to investigate ways in which the village might become less reliant on private cars, and various means of working towards this aim were investigated. The main achievement of the project has been to publicise the various transport options available to Abbotts Ann residents.

Information on these services is given below, and also in the Transport Folder kept on the windowsill in the village shop.

 Abbotts Ann Buses

 A village bus timetable was compiled and updated to show the services to and from the village. Services are subsidised by HCC and, due to severe budget cuts, these little-used bus services were heavily reduced as from the beginning of January 2015, and are now provided by Wheelers in place of Stagecoach. Due to frequent timetable changes, the village timetable is no longer produced.

 The village is now served by Service 87 only, and the latest timetable can be found at:

 Service 77 has been discontinued, so that it is no longer possible to make a return journey to Stockbridge or Winchester.

 For more information, visit the Wheelers website phone Traveline on 0871 200 2233 or use smartphone app

 Neighbourcare Transport Service

Do you need transport to Hospital, Doctor’s Appointments, Clinics etc? Is it too difficult by bus?

 Andover Neighbourcare is able to offer car transport to residents of Abbotts Ann for journeys to appointments within the Andover area and further afield. Rates are very reasonable and some assisted fares are available.

 Just ring 01264 336020 or 01264 339899, or call into the office at 14 Union Street, as soon as you know when you need a car.

 Volunteer drivers are required to support and continue this valuable service. Are you able to offer a lift to someone who needs it, on days to suit you? Mileage paid; DBS check arranged by Neighbourcare; no extra cost to you. Please contact Pam (phone no. above) if you can help.

Let us use and support this excellent service, which extends to Abbotts Ann.

 Village Car-sharing Scheme

Do you make regular journeys, e.g. to and from Andover station, or to and from the town centre, and would you like to cut costs (and emissions) by sharing transport with other car drivers? Or are you planning a one-off journey that others might wish to take advantage of?


Would you be willing to give lifts to someone without a car? Or do you need a lift somewhere?

In order to promote car-sharing within Abbotts Ann and Little Ann, there is a list in the village shop (just inside the door) where you can offer or request lifts.