The Hibbert Cup List

The Hibbert Cup

Awarded for outstanding voluntary service to the community in Abbotts Ann
Awarded annually by the Abbotts Ann War Memorial Hall Committee in memory of Basil Hibbert
In recognition of their outstanding service the Hibbert Cup has been awarded to:


2002/3 Frederick Thompson

2003/4 Kenneth Robinson

2004/5 Muriel Spanholtz

2005/6 Mary Meade

2006/7 Margaret Wilson

2007/8 Alyson Godman

2008/9 Andrew Bulpitt

2009/10 Mike Butt

2010/11 David Downey

2011/12 Geoff Dinkele

2012/13 Andrea Jackson

2013/14 Ray Lucas

2014/15 Pam Lytle

2015/16 Andrew Liddell

2016/17 Lisa Hillier

2017/18 John Moon

2018/19 Tim Tayler

2019/20 Bernard Griffiths

2020/21 Brian Sims

2021/22 Beth Deacon

2022/23 Graham Stallard

2023/24 John Barlow