W.I. Newsletter February 2022

There was a good turn out for our first in person meeting of 2022 and we were delighted to gain a further member to our Institute. We are delighted to welcome so many new faces as well as, of course, pleased to see more familiar members. 

Our two Programme Planners (Aileen & Lynne) have been very busy, so there were plenty of sign-up sheets on offer for the various meetings and events planned for the remainder of 2022 and into 2023.  First in our diary this month is our inaugural Coffee Morning at The Sports Pavilion on Thursday 10 March ,10.30 – 12 noon.  This is not exclusive to current members, visitors welcome.  There will be a nominal charge of £2.00 for refreshments. 

To warm us all up Goi Brown from Thai Taste Academy was present to do a Thai Cookery Demonstration for us.  Having set up with two portable gas rings and a variety of ingredients, some more familiar than others, we watched as she made two delicious offerings and talked us through the process.  One used red curry paste and chicken (although she had brought a vegetarian option if needed) to which she added, very slowly, coconut milk, just as her mother and aunt had taught her.  Other ingredients were added including chillies, but she did assure us that it wouldn’t be too hot.  The other dish used minced pork to which she added chopped shitake mushrooms, diced carrots, chopped coriander stalks, oyster sauce and soy sauce.  This was served in a rice wrap.

When making Thai curry certain vegetables are used to accompany different meats. For example, bamboo usually accompanies chicken or beef, and pumpkin or marrow accompanies pork. Other additions can be basil, coriander, mint, green beans, shitake mushrooms, baby corn and green papaya. Goi demonstrated using Chayote, which is a green vegetable. She took the skin off and removed the centre, chopped it into small pieces and used it in place of marrow. Chayote keeps its shape better than marrow which tends to break up.  

Members then queued to get a taste of these tempting offerings.  They went down very well.

During the evening our President Julia Rowling reminded members that we would need new Officers in May as she and our Secretary & Treasurer would be stepping down.  There is also room on our very small committee for willing volunteers who would like to be more involved in our Institute and its future.

Our next meeting is on 31 March and is a Wine Tasting – once again this meeting starts at 7.30 p.m. and is in the Village Hall.