W.I. Newsletter September 2016

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The month started for us, as for so many in the village, with a busy day at Abbotts Ann Fete.  We didn’t stop; from the moment we arrived at 9.30 a.m. to start our set-up until the end of the afternoon, possibly a little earlier than usual due to the inclement weather, when it all had to be packed away again.  Nevertheless, our hard work was rewarded with another stunning result.  So thank you to everyone who contributed in any way to our success, whether you baked us a cake (or in several cases, cakes), helped on the day or came and indulged in tea and cake.  We couldn’t have done it without you. 

Several of our members also found time to enter the various classes of the Flower & Produce show and congratulations to Charlotte Pearce who won two trophies only open to WI members.

Nothing about our return to the village hall this month was as advertised.  Firstly our planned speaker had to cancel due to health problems and then our own President had to admit defeat, as she wasn’t feeling up to par, and at the last minute had call on the services of our Vice-President.  No-one walked out in disappointment thank goodness, so the evening carried on with Nigel Knott kindly stepping in at the last minute to talk about Canine Partners. 

For most of us when we think of carers we think of humans, whether it is family, friends or professionals, but on this occasion Nigel was here to tell us about the four-footed form.  Having a specially trained dog that can carry out many tasks, such as helping to get dressed, push buttons on ATM or washing machines, open and close doors, can transform the lives of people who for whatever reason are now dependent on others.  Canine Partners is a very small charity, with a small salaried staff (only 18p in the £ goes on admin) but with a large number of willing volunteers.  It costs £20,000 to train a dog and between 50 – 60 new partnerships are created every year and it is the dog that chooses the person, rather than the other way round.  The Charity is not Government funded and donations are always welcome. Canine Partners do not cold call and to be on their mailing list one must individually apply.  If you wish to discover more, Nigel mentioned that they have a display on at Andover Library from 5th December.  

Members will be knitting again during the winter months, as a thank you letter had been received from a Charity working in Romania for a parcel of jumpers sent some months ago.   Our members have for some years knitted for the children of Zimbabwe, but due to exorbitant charges imposed on the parcels this had come to an end unfortunately.  Now we know they are still much needed and appreciated, in particular in the larger sizes, then undoubtedly there will be much needle clicking in the coming months.

We will be on sparkling form next month as our guest speaker is Mark Wilson and his topic is Fabergé.

Diary Dates:

01 October          –              Lunch Club

08 October          –              Walking Group

13 October          –              Supper Club

18 October          –              HCFWI Autumn Meeting – The Anvil, Basingstoke (we have a spare ticket at the moment)

25 October          –              Reading Group

27 October          –              Monthly Meeting – 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall – Mark Wilson (Fabergé)

29 October          –              Lunch Club