WI Newsletter – August 2006

As mentioned in previous newsletters we do not have a meeting in August – we are only obliged to have 11 meetings a year and it has long been a tradition in our Institute, as do many others, to have a break in the summer.

However, please do not be mislead, this does not mean that we have been idle.

Some of us met for a brainstorming session in the Eagle on 03 August, to talk through what we could do to celebrate our 90th anniversary next year. The first W.I. in the UK was formed in Wales in 1915 and our Institute here in Abbotts Ann started in 1917, so the women of the village were certainly progressive.

On the 09 August, I was fortunate to be invited to a garden party organised by Hampshire Federation, solely for Presidents of Hampshire Institutes. These events are always useful, as it is a chance to swap notes and gain new ideas for meetings. Every Institute is different, but obviously with common ideals and aims.

Don’t think the committee fall asleep either, there are still regular calls between members, as the programme is put together for next year, good speakers are in demand and it pays to book early.

Those of us organising the fete teas, with plenty of support of course from our members, have been busy and with any luck, it will all come together on the day.

Forthcoming Events:

02 September: – Village Fete: WI Teas

28 September – Animal Training & the Media -7.30 p.m. Village Hall

15 October – Treasure Hunt – Open to family and friends as well as members

16 October – Danebury Group Autumn Meeting – Upper Clatford

25 October – HCFWI Autumn Council Meeting – The Anvil, Basingstoke

26 October – Members’ Meeting – 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

For our next meeting on 28 September we are looking forward to hearing Rona Brown giving us the inside story on the training of animals for use in the media. Our numbers have carried on increasing as the year has progressed, so please come along if you think you might be interested and don’t hesitate to contact us beforehand if you need a lift or are a little shy and need some gentle encouragement.

Sharon King