WI Newsletter – December 2009

There is always so much else to do in December, we do not overload ourselves at this time of year.

However, we still managed to walk and ventured a little further afield this time, strolling around the lanes and paths of Timsbury and Michelmersh, which made a very nice change, but there was no lunch planned for the end of the month. We are probably all at home still trying to finish any leftovers and chomping on all those delicious chocolates and biscuits. Perhaps more walking should be planned for 2010.

We enjoyed yet another splendid meal provided by our favoured caterers from Totton at our meeting in December with all the festive trimmings. I hesitate to mention whether this was a sober affair or not.

Have you made a New Year Resolution yet? How about trying something new and making new friends, give the WI a go – don’t be too influenced by the stereotypical image the national media insist on portraying, no matter how hard we try to contradict them. We really are just out to have some fun, but at the same time broaden our horizons.

Go on get that new diary out and write down on 28th January, Abbotts Ann Village Hall 7.30 p.m. – W.I. (Probably best to arrive a little earlier to get a good seat). Our first speaker for 2010 is John Owen Smith who is “on the Trail of Flora Thompson” (a clue for those who need it, Lark Rise to Candleford).

Diary Dates: 2010:

09 January – Walking Group

12 January – Reading Group (The Dig by John Preston)

14 January – Coffee Morning

28 January – Meeting at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall : On the Trail of Flora Thompson – John Owen Smith

30 January – Lunch Club

13 February – Walking Group

23 February – Reading Group (Bowl of Cherries by Shena Mackay)

25 February – Meeting at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall : Bishops, Sex & Money – T S Trafford 27 February – Lunch Club

Sharon King