WI Newsletter February 2015

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Instead of sharing our own memories at this month’s meeting, due to a last minute change to the Programme, it was our mother’s and grandmother’s memories which were invoked.

It was Deborah Wheeler, or at least her alter-ego Mrs Queenie Stacey, who took us back to 1942, in the midst of the World War II where Make Do & Mend was the order of the day.  Today, of course, it is called recycling or being resourceful.   It was an era of coupons and rationing so everyone, but particularly women, had to be ingenious to keep the family well fed, clothed and looking good.

We were invited to smell carbolic soap – still awful, shown examples of knitted undergarments – doesn’t bear thinking about, and knitted dishcloths – we could all remember those, regardless of the decade were born in. 

Queenie shared her secrets of creating substitute make-up, burning cork to create a substitute eye-brow pencil – also used to make a seam up the leg which supplemented the gravy-browning used to give the effect of wearing stockings.  The advice was not to out in the rain!  There were complexion enhancing oatmeal concoctions, later used to feed Mr Stacey his breakfast.  If he didn’t know then, he does now.  

Back to 2015, and there was a great deal of amusement, when Kate Bennett reminded members to look to take a look at the events table which included all the up-and-coming activities including Rumpy Pumpy! 

Our members have enjoyed attending all our ancillary clubs and groups throughout February; walking round Appleshaw, eating at the Black Swan in Monxton, the Weyhill Fair, drinking coffee and reading the latest selection of the Book Club.

Sentimental & Mourning Jewellery is the subject of our meeting on 26th March 2015 – 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall. 

So what was the Rumpy Pumpy being offered?  It is a play based on the true story of two ladies from a Hampshire WI, who set out on a campaign for the decriminalisation of prostitution and to improve conditions for working girls. You see there are hidden depths to belonging to the W.I.

Diary Dates:

05 March             –              Cinema Club – The Second Best Marigold Hotel

12 March             –              Supper Club – The Lion, Clanville

14 March             –              Walking Group

18 March             –              HFWI Spring Meeting – Portsmouth Guildhall

19 March             –              Coffee Morning

26 March             –              Monthly Meeting 7.30 p.m. in The Village Hall

28 March             –              Lunch Club (tbc)

30 March             –              Anton Danebury Group Spring Meeting

31 March             –              Reading Group