WI Newsletter – July 2008

No wonder we all need a rest in August – the diary was particularly full this month. It began with an Indian Cookery demonstration kindly hosted by Aileen Catterson in her much-envied kitchen and then just three days later we were being guided around the historic streets of the Hyde Abbey area in Winchester.

Credit cards were left behind when four of us accepted Thruxton WI’s invitation to learn more about 200 years of shopping. Given the current uncertain economic conditions, perhaps things haven’t changed as much as we think, as during the 19th century, it was not seemly for a lady to be seen doing her own shopping – unless it was for luxury items, thus proving she was rich enough to afford them.

The theme of this month’s meeting was Panel Games and the evening began with a recreation of Call my Bluff. It was rather worrying that the winning team of Pat Balam, Rachael Carter & Tricia Garner were so convincing with their creative definitions of words such as Parapodium, Nilometer & Yardang and the opposing team of Barbara Dixon, Sue Hancock & Carol Taylor just could not guess who was bluffing and who was telling the truth.

This was followed by What’s my Line? and the two contestants easily beat the panel who were unable to guess that Val Downing was dressing a crab and Karen Nicholls was demonstrating the process of compiling cheque books.

Just the night before five members of our walking group gave their feet a rest and paid an enjoyable visit to Andover’s new cinema to see the very popular Mamma Mia.

Diary Dates:

06 August – Trip to Blenheim Palace

09 August – Walking Group

12 August – Reading Group

06 September – Village Fete

25 September – Meeting – 7.30 p.m. Village Hall

Whilst there is no meeting in August, as you can see the reading and walking groups are still active.

Sharon King