WI Newsletter – March 2009

Last month may have been a quieter month for our members, but our diaries were certainly full this month.

We started the month by attending the Danebury Group Meeting, hosted by Longstock & Leckford W.I., where the speaker ended the evening stood on a chair in her underwear wearing a pair of thigh length bright red boots! The following day our skittles team won their semi-final of the Federation’s annual competition and just two days later 26 of us travelled to the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton to see the stage version of the Calendar Girls story, where there was more undressing.

This month also saw our inaugural coffee morning hosted on this occasion by Judy Wickham.

Those of us who like to put on our boots and enjoy the lovely countryside here in Hampshire enjoyed a ramble that began in Freefolk, taking time out here and there to enjoy our lovely surroundings, including a well-stocked River Test in Whitchurch, ending with a visit to yet another hostelry in the area.

Everyone kept their clothes on for the Federation’s Spring Council Meeting, where the guest speaker was a very inspirational Simon Weston, but one participant in a Fashion Show through the ages did give him a glimpse of her Victorian underwear! Simon gave us a very unsentimental account of his life since returning from the Falkland Islands suffering from horrendous burns unrecognisable, even to his own mother. Suffering in the early days from deep depression, tough love from family and friends encouraged him to participate in all sorts of activities and adventures, and he now leads a very busy live with the support of his wife and three children.

“Fun in Foreign Fields” was the title of Lynnette Moss’ talk at our own meeting this month, but this was not a slide show of someone’s holiday snaps. Lynette is a Basingstoke G.P. and her husband, David, an eye surgeon and in recent years, with their family grown up, they took the decision to utilise their skills in countries where there is no free Health Service available to all. They have worked in many countries including India & Bangladesh, working in particular with a lesser-known Charity, Impact, which funds a train that takes the hospital to the people. This enables David and other surgeons to carry out many operations a day restoring sight to men, women and children.

Diary Dates:

07 April – Book Club

09 April – Coffee Morning

11 April – Walking Group

28 April – Federation Skittles Final

30 April – Meeting at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall : To be arranged by non-committee members

09 May – Walking Group

19 May – Book Club

28 May – Meeting at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

Our next meeting on 30 April will be organised by non-committee members and they like to keep those of us on the committee guessing as to what the evening will entail, so no details available. However, if you would like to come along then please do so.

Sharon King