WI Newsletter – May 2006

At this month’s meeting, we went from debating issues such as renewable energy and sport for a healthy nation to revealing our most embarrassing moment and the things we hate most. How come? For all Institutes May is traditionally the month when we are all asked to consider the Resolutions which will be brought before the NFWI’s AGM, which this year is on 07 June in Cardiff; it is at this stage that a vote is taken.

As already mentioned, there were two topical issues up for discussion this year; first on our Agenda, was the use of renewable technologies in all new buildings, re-building and renovation. Members discussed the merits of solar panels and other environmental friendly forms of generating electricity and hot water as well as other issues. Next up for debate was recognising that sport is an essential factor in the creation of a healthy population, especially in view of the Olympic Game being awarded to London in 2012. Once again, opinions were expressed. Our members were overwhelmingly in favour of both resolutions and this will be reported to Upper Clatford WI who will be voting on our behalf at the AGM.

There was no speaker this month, so we had a lucky dip – with a difference. Everyone chose a small chocolate bar, some of which had a question attached, so it was now that the revelations were made. We are particularly generous, as winning the lottery for most of us, meant giving it away to friends and family. When it came to what we hated most, then confrontation was one suggestion and as for the best advice given, “do as you would be done by” was one idea. Whilst one member – who I think should remain nameless – admitted that on her wedding day, she was told by an Aunt not to give him, her new husband, all her money!

Earlier in the month we held our first table top sale – there was plenty for sale in the Hall, but we were a little short on customers, although it was well advertised – nevertheless the WI made a profit of £197 which was a good morning’s work. So thank you to everyone who supported this event.

Cecilia Cotton and Helen Jankowski were congratulated on coming second in the recent scrabble pairs competition held at WI House in Winchester and the recently formed book club now has nine members.

Arrangements for future meetings were discussed, as well as more plans for further progress along the Test Way and a visit to Porton Down next month.

Forthcoming Events:

01 June: Visit to Porton Down

03 June: Walking along the test Way – St Mary Bourne to Longparish

29 June: Garden Meeting : Poplar Cottage

05 July: Visit to Osborne House & the Isle of Wight – there are seats available on the coach – please contact us for further details

27 July: – Themed Evening – Childhood Recollections

02 September: – Village Fete: WI Teas

Members were reminded that the next meeting is at the home of Sheila Lockhart, Poplar Cottage, and there will be a 7 p.m. start and to please bring a deck chair.

Sharon King