WI Newsletter – November 2008

There was an “end of term” atmosphere at our Annual Meeting in November and the outgoing President was in a carefree frame of mind as she was about to step down from the role after six years, but not before she thanked everyone for all their hard work over the last 12 months.

Secretary Wendy Casson, who was also relinquishing her duties, refreshed our minds with her upbeat reminder of the year’s activities and the treasurer reported that our finances were in good order.

Members were delighted to hear that the Village Fete Committee had allocated us £160 to be used for education and an amusing account was given of the walking group’s map reading skills, or the lack of them, and the muddy conditions they encountered in Collingbourne Woods when they last ventured out.

It was then time for votes to be cast and Val Downing was elected as the new President with Carol Taylor taking over as secretary and Diana Cooper & Sue George as the two Vice Presidents. Earlier Allison Ballentyne & Colleen Jackson had been welcomed as the two new committee members.

Sharon King was touched by the presentation of a beautifully planted basket in appreciation of her time as President.

Diary Dates:

11 December – Christmas Festivities

13 December – Walking Group1

6 December – Book Club

10 January 2009 – Walking Group1

3 January 2009 – Book Club2

9 January 2009 – Meeting 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall : Lorena Burlison from Andover Young Carers

We meet next on the 11 December for our Christmas festivities and there is to be change in the evening’s format this year – a report of which will appear next month’s newsletter.

Sharon King