WI Newsletter – September 2004

It was back in the Village Hall this month, following our summer break, and there was a lot to catch up on, including for us a very successful fete. As usual, we had provided the refreshments. Although it was billed as a mini-fete this year, being organised on a more informal basis, we were just as busy as ever and our delicious home made cakes were soon devoured by our eager customers. The hot weather, fortunately for us, made everyone very thirsty.

Thanks were given to all involved in our very successful July meeting, Sue Hancock for organising our trip to Eton and everyone who had contributed in anyway to the fete teas.

One of the highlights of the fete afternoon was the presentation of the Basil Hibbert Cup to Muriel Spanholtz. This was a much deserved recognition of Muriel’s dedication to Abbotts Ann, as this trophy is awarded to someone who has made a significant contribution to village life. Muriel has been a WI Committee member for a number of years, including spells as Treasurer and President; she also organised the Flower & Produce Show section of the fete for several years and continues to help at the Village School and Shop.

Congratulations were also given to Margaret Wilson as she was presented with both the Mrs Thomas King Cup and Marjorie Fowles Trophy, for her winning entries in the Flower & Produce Show.

Planning is well under way for our 2005 Programme, and the members gave approval to two suggestions for June and July next year. We ourselves were under the spotlight, as one of planned speakers asked if she could come along as a guest to see for herself what we were like. I am told we passed our selection test – thank goodness.

Both our Federation and Village websites have been updated and those “on-line” were encouraged to log on and take a look, the webmaster of this website would welcome contributions which illustrate the history of the village and members were asked to get in touch if they had any suitable material.

We had to sing for our supper this month, well not literally, but once our speaker, Frances Horn had given us tips on how to put together all the elements needed to create a successfully decorated room, we were put to work. She had brought along packs which included fabric and wallpaper samples, paint charts etc., these were distributed amongst her audience and then each group asked to make a final selection of four items to create a well co-ordinated scheme. This exercise certainly revealed how we all have such varied tastes, but we all passed with flying colours. As a Member of the British Interior Design Association, Frances is well qualified to give us such advice.

Coming up in October is Hampshire Federation’s Autumn Council Meeting at the Anvil in Basingstoke on the 19th; the guest speakers are Edwina Currie and our National Chairman, Barbara Gill. Then on the 25th, some of us are off to Chilbolton for the Danebury Group Autumn Meeting when we will be getting ready for Chelsea. No rest for the wicked.

We ourselves next meet on 28 October at 7.30 p.m. when we have Mr T Evison whose topic is Waste Management in Test Valley – a very brave man – as since he agreed to come, there has been the little matter of the introduction of the garden waste collection scheme. Need I say more …………

Sharon King