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Abbotts Ann Housing Project Update March 2019

We are making significant progress and expect that very soon we shall be able to announce a village consultation when we shall tell everyone about the housing development we are proposing to build for our village. We shall then seek your feedback, and, we hope, receive your backing.

We have identified a site and are in active negotiations with the owner of the site. The project can proceed only with the support of our village community so we shall shortly be asking your feedback on the plans we have made. We hope and believe that, when we are in a position to give you full details, you will want to give your support.

As we had always expected, we shall need a Housing Association to work with and we are in active conversations with two. Given your approval for the project, we shall invite one of them to be our development partner.

We continue to be excited by the project and the prospect of building affordable homes for people who wish to stay in the village but could not otherwise afford to do so and also homes for those who wish to purchase a property smaller than their present home so that they can remain in the village (down-sizing). We are working hard towards this end and look forward to being able to tell you all about it. We believe you will share our excitement when you hear about and see our plans.

If you would like to discuss the project further, please contact any member of the Steering Group:

Ray Lucas – – 710037

John Barlow – – 710261

Beth Deacon – – 711041

Tim Law – – 710096

Neil Palmer – – 711108

John Patience – – 710001

David Read – – 710090

Graham Stallard – – 710616