W.I. Newsletter December 2017

Not quite so much on our calendars for this month, but there was still time for fun, festivities, food, fairies and farewells – all with a capital F!

Our meeting this month was very informal and full of fairies – yes you did read that correctly.  As part of the evening’s fun we had been told we could bring along our own wands or fairies, but some interpreted this as a chance to dress up.  Some members sported wings, there were plenty of wands with flashing lights and some Christmas jumpers and festive jewellery.

Each member bought a contribution for a lovely festive supper, but before that we were brought up to speed by our President, Kate Bennett.

We then had to dress the fairy – not something you would expect to read about in connection with a W.I. Meeting no doubt.   What did this entail?  It was a variation on a theme – instead of a beetle drive, we had to throw the correct number to ensure that our fairies had wings, halos, wands, a dress and feet.  This caused a great deal of confusion as well as much laughter.  There were prizes for each shout of fairy and Gill Page was our overall champion!

Now for the farewells.  Sadly, we have lost two former Presidents.   Firstly, we heard that Muriel Spanholtz, who had returned to live in the USA 10 years ago to be near her son and his family, had passed away at the end of September.  Many of us have fond memories of Muriel and as Helen Stuart was able to tell her family, she can be seen in numerous photographs in our albums and will not be forgotten.

Later in the month we heard that Julia Jenkins had passed away as well.  Julia too features in numerous snapshots taken through the years and it is particularly pleasing that she was able to join us in the summer at our Centenary Tea Party.  She did so enjoy catching up with everyone.

Unfortunately, the sad news continues as we have just heard that Heather Girvan died peacefully at home on 27th December.  Heather did enjoy our meetings, as well as attending the lunch club, whilst she was a member and was a font of knowledge about Abbotts Ann, having lived in the village for so long. 

Picture Mad is the theme for our next meeting on 25th January with Phil Ray – not sure whether it is a clue, but the word Films is illustrated alongside this date on our programmes.

Diary Dates:

06 January        –           Breakfast Club

09 January        –           Reading Group

13 January        –           Walking Group

25 January        –           Monthly Meeting 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

27 January        –           Lunch Club