W.I. Newsletter November 2017

There are so many opportunities for our members to meet up throughout the month, be it for walking, reading or eating, but we are still keen to get together at the end of the month and there was a large turn-out for this month’s meeting. 

Kate Bennett began the meeting by revealing the amount allocated to us by the Fete Committee in return for all our hard work serving refreshments at the fete in September.   We are still knitting colourful children’s jumpers and Jill Reynolds who co-ordinates our efforts, had brought along 30 of them to be photographed (with the knitters) before parcelling them up to be sent to India.

Up and coming events were mentioned including a suggestion for our summer outing for 2018 and then it was time to hand over the meeting to Adrian and Jane Jefferies who trade as JARCO (Jane and Adrian Recycling Company).  They have a scientific background, but took early retirement to have a new challenge which is how they came to specialise in costume jewellery and now operate from various outlets plus attending at various fairs and events throughout the year.

We learnt that basically costume jewellery is affordable items accessible to most of us.  Between them they took us from the Georgian era through the Regency, Early, Mid and Late Victorian, Art Deco, Art Nouveau periods and then on to the 1940s, 50s and 60s and finally to the present day.  We learnt all about the change in fashions and design, the influences and materials available.  Jane explained that when valuing a piece of jewellery, the CARD system is used.  CARD is an anachronism and stands for Condition, Age, Rarity and Desirability.

Quite often there are hidden messages in jewellery and they had brought along a brooch, which depicted a bird, flowers and an axe and we were asked to interpret what it meant.  We had a few stabs at it, but did not get it wholly right.   We were also asked if we would be offended or pleased if presented with an item of jewellery in the form of a pineapple.  One of our members confessed she would be astounded!  It turns out that we should delighted as it means that the bearer thinks the recipient is perfect!

So now you know what to get your special someone for Christmas, however, I am not sure a tin of pineapple chunks would have the same meaning.

Our next meeting is 14th December and this will have a festive theme and with a “bring and share” supper.


Diary Dates:

07 December    –           Supper Club

09 December                Breakfast Club

09 December    –           Walking Group

14 December    –           Monthly Meeting 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall