W.I. Newsletter October 2021


Never in our wildest dreams did we expect such a brilliant response to the flyers that were distributed around the village.   

A very big THANK YOU to all you ladies who not only read it, but who also took the big step of coming through the door to meet us.  Some of you were familiar faces and others new to the village, but there was an instant buzz to the evening as you all began to mingle and talk to each other.   You were all only too happy to join in with the format of the evening. 

Hopefully, our members were able to dispel a few myths that continue to perpetuate around the perception of the W.I. and we got our message across that it is about friendship, community, learning new skills, listening to interesting speakers and so much more.   Also, that belonging to an Institute gives us all a voice as there is more than one layer to the organisation.

We are hopeful that some of you will take the plunge to join our Institute and we look forward to seeing you again.

Every Institute has to evolve, and offer what each generation of women need, in order to survive and thrive.

The committee put a lot of hard work into the evening, but special thanks go to Lynne & Aileen who came up with the idea and Helen who drove us all into action with the printing and distribution of the flyers. We also need to thank our member Kate for the lovely fun inspiring design of the flyer and Matthew for distributing them.  Our President Julia was sorry to miss the event, but her holiday had been planned many months ago, but we look forward to telling her all about it on her return.

 If you were unable to attend this fun evening, you are always welcome to come along, and our next meeting is on 25th November and member Elizabeth Howard is going to demonstrate how to make a Christmas Wreath for our front doors.  The meeting starts at 7.30 pm and is the village hall.