Parish Council Meeting


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


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All Parish Councillors are duly summoned to attend the

Meeting of Abbotts Ann Parish Council

To be held Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 19:00 at the War Memorial Hall


1 Apologies for Absence

2 Declarations of Interest to be made

3 Cllrs to agree the minutes to be an accurate record of the meeting held on 6th October

4 Actions/Updates to be reported

5 Public Participation –This item will be limited to 15 minutes, unless directed otherwise by the Chairman.

6 Borough and County Councillors Reports

7 lanning and Tree Work applications – Cllrs to propose a response to be submitted to TVBC relating to the following applications:

  1. a)    16/02398/ADVN – Display of 2 banner advertisements in wooden frame structures – Andover Garden Centre, Salisbury Road, Little Ann Bridge.
  2. b)    16/02347/FULLN & 16/02348/LBWN – Reinsertion of barn doors previously boarded over and addition of glazed door behind barn doors including repainting of the barn to darker green – Faircroft, 43-44 Monxton Road, Abbotts Ann
  3. c)     16/02370/FULLN – Conservatory to rear – 29 Hibiscus Crescent, Andover
  4. d)    16/02537/FULLN – Demolition of single storey dwelling and erection of new dwelling with integral garage, existing drive extended and widened entrance – Staddles, Old Salisbury Road, Abbotts Ann
  5. e)    16/02595/FULLN – Internal and external alterations providing a new bedroom – Meadow Cottage, Duck Street, Abbotts Ann
  6. f)     16/02533/TREEN – T1 Sycamore – Fell. T2 Beech – Fell – Kallehult, Church Road, Abbotts Ann

8 Proposal to review Trees within the Parish

Cllrs to review the trees and apply for Tree Preservation Orders on those not covered.

9 Budget Update

Cllrs to review draft budget.

10 Correspondence (previously circulated

a)    Email – NHT Public Representative Survey 2016.

b)    Email – Community Transport Questionnaire.

c)     Email – Precept Capping Consultation Response.

11 Play Area Maintenance/Repair Quotations (previously circulated)

Cllrs to consider quotations received for maintenance/repair of equipment in play areas.

12 Finance:

a)    Cllrs to approve the Financial Statement for 1st to 31st October 2016.

b)    Cllrs to approve the payments to be made.

c)    Cllrs to consider funding request from AAV Housing project.

d)    Cllrs to approve funding Introduction to CILCA Course for Clerk (March 2017) – cost £40.00 and CILCA Registration and Portfolio Courses in 2017 – cost £500.00

13 To pass a resolution in accordance with the Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960 to exclude the public and press for discussion regarding Employment matters.

Cllrs to review Clerk’s hours in relation to studying for CILCA qualification.

14 The Next Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 1st December 2016

Members of the Public and Press are welcome to attend

Signed:   Mrs C Cotterell – Clerk

Date of Issue: 28th October 2016

Email:                       Tel: 01264 782869