FTTP Update from Senior Management at Openreach

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You will be aware from my previous email status reports to subscribers that very little progress has been made by Openreach on completing our project since June 2023 and all Government vouchers expire on 22nd February 2024.
Those properties which signed up with the voucher scheme and were assigned a voucher number, but still cannot be connected to FTTP will have received an email recently from Openreach advising that they are trying to get the vouchers extended. This is Openreach’s problem and NOT yours.
Under the voucher scheme Openreach ONLY gets paid when a property is connected to FTTP and the property owner has confirmed that the installation is working correctly.
NOTE: Because our project was over-subscribed some property owners who signed up for the voucher scheme were NOT assigned voucher numbers and therefore will not receive email’s from Openreach.

At the end of February 2024 we will reach the point in which Openreach will be in breach of their own contract with us. In January 2024 I escalated their failure to the companies CEO (Clive Selley) and copied it to our MP and TVBC Councillor and did received a prompt response. The Openreach Director of Infrastructure Development who reports directly to the CEO has been assigned to ensure our project is fully completed by the end of April 2024 and says they will keep us updated with progress.

The initial feedback received is that the build team say that the remaining work is dependant on a road closure which is scheduled for late February and they anticipate that outstanding network build will be completed through March. To date we have had Duck street closed for one day, but nothing seems to have progressed in Monxton. We will see if they meet these objectives..

If anyone receives an email from Openreach after mid January 2024 requesting they contact their ISP (Internet Service Provider) to get an FTTP upgrade, then please email me.

  • You can read and download the Abbotts Ann Parish Full Status Report HERE
  • You can read and download the Monxton Full Status Report HERE
  • You can read and download the Amport Full Status Report HERE

To help understand the real progress that is being made I would please ask that once you have had your FTTP connection installed and it is working correctly, then PLEASE HELP ME BY REGISTERING HERE so I can get a true picture of the progress and understand if there were any problems encountered.
As of 11th February 2024, ONLY 202 properties have registered that their FTTP connection has been installed and working, when clearly a large proportion of our community has been connected.
If you have FTTP installed and have not already registered, then please register. It’s important to have factual data to keep the pressure on Openreach to meet their legal and moral obligations.

If you have any questions , then please send your question to broadband@abbottsann.com

Keith Saunders