Gigabit Broadband Signup Form

This form is to collect information from private homes and commercial businesses in Abbotts Ann who want to register for Gigabit fibre broadband directly to your home property, commercial unit or business. Each submitted registration will be an application for a government voucher which pays for the proposed installation at the address you registered below.
A list of all properties in Abbotts Ann that have been approved for Gigabit Fibre Broadband to the property installation are displayed HERE
This is your phone number starting 01264 7XXXXX
It can be helpful to have the mobile phone number in case Openreach need to contact while you are out.
If you're a limited company, then please enter your company name AND the company registration number.
If your business doesn't operate as a limited company, but you are either a sole trader or partnership (not an LLP), enter the name you trade under (your business name) in the field above and your UTR (Tax Number)

Get involved with this project

Help support this project by delivering leaflets or acting as a local coordinator to answer questions and help get everyone to register.
If you are willing to deliver leaflets in your area of the village, then please select YES
If you are willing to become a local area Gigabit Broadband Coordinator to act as points of contact in a postcode area, Then please select YES
The information you submit above will ONLY be used for your registration for the free implementation of Gigabit Enabled Broadband to the property. You agree that this data you inputted can be passed to Openreach for that purpose.