Abbotts Ann Magazine

 AA Magazine Cover


Price 50p from the Village Shop or delivered free in Abbotts Ann on subscription at           £6 per annum.



Monthly or Annual advertising is available and leaflet drops can be arranged.

Advertising rates are as follows:-

  • Monthly advertising  (black and white only)
  • Quarter page £15 per insertion
  • Half page £30 per insertion
  • Full page £60 per insertion

(For half page or full page advertisements for three months or more without any changes £25 and £55 per insertion)

Annual advertising  —  12 issues in black and white running from June to the following May

  • Quarter page £55
  • Half Page £77
  • Full Page £120

Occasionally cover pages in colour become available – prices on request

PDF copies of recent magazines can be downloaded from the website, older copies can be supplied on request.

For editorial and monthly advertisements apply to the Editor

Andrea Jackson (710630)

For annual advertising apply to Advertising Manager

Rollo Wilson (710899)

For leaflet drops and subscriptions apply to Distribution Manager

Pam Lytle (710468)