W.I. Newsletter December 2016

There are so many calls upon our members’ time that the WI does tend to take a back seat during December, but the reading group still managed to fit in a session to discuss their latest book and the walking group rambled around Barton Stacey.  Several members went to the Cinema to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  Carol Taylor welcomed everyone to her home for a Christmas Coffee Morning.  Carol loves this time of year and gets out her vast collection of Christmas related decorations and ornaments and creates a very festive atmosphere.

Noted in our programme for our meeting on the 8th December was Nick Crump and his Amazing Instruments.

We were all curious to find out what this referred to – well Nick is passionate about music and asked us first to ponder how music actually started.  Today, we are all so used to hearing music in our lives, whether we are shopping, standing in a lift, as background to tv programmes and films, apart from our own favoured artists and composers, had it even occurred to us?  Nick believes it probably stated in either Africa or Australia and began when someone picked up a couple of sticks and managed to beat out a rhythm. 

Nick’s website refers to him as a versatile musician with a flair for inventing unusual new instruments and this is certainly true.  He can produce music from all sorts of different items usually seen and used in other circumstances!  He had us amused and amazed at his creativity which included a “boghorn” (no explanation as it has to be seen to be believed) and a Theremin (this is an electronic instrument which is often used to produce eerie soundtracks).

We were at times incredulous and moved with his instruments, but always entertained throughout the evening.  Nick’s presentation finished with Happy Birthday being played for one of our members on one of his novel creations!   We then had a lovely buffet supper with contributions from all our members.

Our next meeting is on 26th January when we will be having our New Year Dinner, this is an opportunity where we can all sit back and have a well-earned rest, letting our favoured caterers cook and wait upon us.  2017 will be a busy year for us as it is our Centenary Year – more information about our various events and celebrations to come.


Diary Dates:

10 January           –              Reading Group

14 January           –              Walking Group

26 January           –              Monthly Meeting  

28 January           –              Lunch Club (tbc)