W.I. Newsletter March 2015

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We have watched the latest exploits of Dame Judi Dench and her cohorts, as they enjoy a second lease of life in The Second Best Marigold Hotel, savoured an excellent supper at the newly opened Lion in Clanville and laughed with Janet Street-Porter at the HCFWI Spring Meeting in Portsmouth Guildhall. At the same meeting our National Chair, Janice Langley, asked us to look forward to the next 100 years, in this our Centenary Year.

However, our speaker this month, Margaret Braddock, took us back to earlier generations, when our forebears believed in making a public display of mourning by wearing black for a year and a day and appropriate jewellery. Margaret’s interest in this fascinating subject was triggered 30 years ago by the purchase of a very pretty piece of sentimental and mourning jewellery. Amongst her collection, which we able to see and touch, were examples of both French & Whitby Jet, bracelets made of human hair – which surprisingly is both strong and elastic – and even vulcanised rubber.

At one time it was a tradition to leave memorial rings to your nearest and dearest and apparently Samuel Pepys left 123 to his friends and family. Thank goodness that tradition has died out!

On a more cheerful note our members were given details of various activities planned for the summer, including a visit to a Lavender Farm near Alton in June where we will finish the afternoon with a cream tea.

Other activities this month included reviewing the latest selection of our reading group, strolling around Enham Alamein and attending the Anton Danebury Group Spring Meeting in Chilbolton.

Our topic next month is Changes in Fashion with Dinah Warnock.

Diary Dates:
11 April – Walking Group
14 April – Coffee Morning
16 April – Supper Club – The Abbotts Mitre, Chilbolton
25 April – Lunch Club (tbc)
30 April – Monthly Meeting 7.30 p.m. in The Village Hall