WI Newsletter – February 2007

Most of this month was spent concentrating on our tremendously successful Pancake Morning held on Shrove Tuesday.

Thanks must go to everyone who came and supported us on the day and who enjoyed eating our freshly cooked pancakes. We were delighted to see all our guests of course, but it was particularly enjoyable to see so many young children who behaved beautifully and came prepared to join in the activities planned for them.

Naturally, all our members worked hard on the day, but sterling work was done by our two cooks in the kitchen, Sheila Lockhart and Helen Stuart.

The surplus is around £480 and still accruing, which is fantastic and well beyond any expectations we may (secretly) have had, and will be used to fund our 90th Anniversary celebrations.

Just two days later and we were back in the Hall for our meeting and the hall was nearly as full again. Everyone attending was presented with an Abbotts Ann W.I. 90th Anniversary pen – there will be an opportunity later in the year for members to purchase more if they wish to give them as gifts to family and friends.

Earlier in the month, those of us who have been walking the Test Way met for lunch to plan our rambles for the coming months. First on the calendar was a circular stroll from the Royal Oak at Smannell on Saturday 24th February. Despite the weather forecast, we managed to complete the four miles without any rain, although the going was very soft – muddy in other words – it is certainly a great way to spend a Saturday morning, away from all the chores waiting at home, and for some of us a chance to recharge our batteries after a busy week at work. On our way, we happened to cross paths with members from Upper Clatford W.I. and discovered they too were returning to the pub for lunch – yes, they were there first, but we walked further of course!

Our speaker for the evening, Derek Drew, was given a very warm welcome when he introduced himself as a toastmaster and I am sure I heard a wolf whistle when he revealed a photograph of himself dressed in his very smart uniform. He explained that preparation for an event is vital – nothing is left to chance, he makes sure everything is planned to the last detail, timings being critical. He has to cope when things do not go according to plan.

He carries supplies for all eventualities, bow ties, a sewing kit, and yes tights in various colours, should any female guest be in need and he ensures he knows exactly where the cloakrooms are, as that is invariably the first question he is asked when we ladies arrive.

He had many amusing stories to share with us and it made a very entertaining evening.

Diary Dates:

05 March – Danebury Group Spring Meeting

23 March – Hampshire County Federation ‘s Spring Council Meeting at The Guildhall, Portsmouth (ticket only event)

24 March – Walk around Barton Stacey (please contact us for further details if you are interested in joining us)

29 March – Chocolate with Barbara Parker – 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

Those of us who are acknowledged chocoholics are certainly looking forward to our March meeting as we have Barbara Parker coming along to get our taste buds excited, as she tempts us with her ideas for using chocolate. Just in time for Easter of course. So if you are unable to resist, please come along to the Village Hall just before 7.30 p.m. on 29 March.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like further details of anything mentioned on these pages.

Sharon King