WI Newsletter – July 2013

Having turned the clock back more than six decades our members were just a little reticent in sharing their memories of the sixties! I wonder why? Nevertheless some of our members brought along photographs taken during the decade, there were two young bridesmaids, a few teenagers, some newly married and some with their young families – It was fun guessing who was who. There was a pop quiz with cryptic clues – those who were mere children at the time were handicapped, I mean who on earth was Tommy Roe!!

Refreshments, including jelly with fruit cocktail and evaporated milk, paid homage to the period and the envy of all was our President Sue George, who was able to wear a colourful cat suit she first wore in the swinging sixties.

Our darts players were able to report more success this month, as a somewhat depleted team of three won all three games of their final match. Whilst not progressing further in this year’s competition, it had been fun. Our skittle players were in action at the end of the month and, despite scoring a respectable 103, sadly they too will not be progressing any further this year.

On a glorious summer evening the Supper Club visited the Greyhound at Broughton, where they received a warm welcome. As there were only six attending this month, it meant everyone could join in the one conversation and the food was delicious. Our members must all be very busy, as it was a lower than normal turn out for the Lunch Club as well, only four attended, but again it was a pleasant enjoyable lunch at the Royal Oak in Goodworth Clatford.

As for our walkers, it was a little on the warm side this month. Our plans are always subject to weather conditions, which usually refer to rain or possibly snow, but on this occasion the debate was whether it would be too hot! Regardless, we travelled to St. Cross in Winchester and walked into the City and then back along part of the Itchen Navigation disused canal system, when we spotted in the distance a young man selling ice creams from his bicycle. Admiring his entrepreneurial acumen we all indulged and then continued on our way to the pub where we were delighted to sit down in the shade and enjoy a restorative drink and lunch.

Diary Dates

06 August – Book Club

08 August – Summer Outing

13 August – Coffee Morning

15 August – Supper Club

31 August – Village Fete Refreshments

Sharon King