WI Newsletter – June 2007

As promised in our May newsletter, there is so much to mention this month.

Just in case you have forgotten, I can remind you that we have had some good weather this month, as our walking group met to revisit Barton Stacey on a sunny Saturday at the beginning of the month, enjoying a lovely ramble around beautiful countryside. A few days later we took part in the Danebury Group round of the Hampshire Federation quiz and were placed a credible third, behind Upper Clatford and Longstock & Leckford.

Later that week, seven of us made the journey to the Albert Hall for the National Federation’s AGM, this is always an opportunity to reaffirm that we belong to an organisation that has a voice; delegates voted overwhelming in favour of the Resolution on Community Hospitals, so we now have a mandate for action on this subject. The first guest speaker of the day was the Lord Speaker of the House of Lords, Baroness Hayman, who mentioned the relevance of the House of Lords to the campaigns that the WI is running.

Lunch was a picnic in the park – yes the sun shone again whilst thousands of us surged across the road to sit in front of the Albert Memorial; this is always a glorious sight. Then it was back to hear Stuart Rose from Marks & Spencer who had been invited to launch the WI Carbon Challenge, he also emphasised the shared values which underpin both organisations. Later on we heard from Alan Cook of the Post Office, who had the unenviable task of explaining the need to consolidate the number of Post Offices available in the UK.

To lighten the atmosphere, an appearance was made by Tony Christie, who still hasn’t worked out how to get to Amarillo; may be it’s time someone finally told him!

A week later, our energies restored the day dawned for our 90th Anniversary celebration in the village hall and the evening did not disappoint. Guests included the newly installed Mayor of Test Valley, Pamela Mutton, Sir George Young our MP and representatives of other village organisations. Also present was Keith Saunders, who kindly organises this website for the village, and we were fortunate to have a live internet link which illustrated how the WI is embracing new technology at all levels.

We now have a flowerbed planted in our honour in town, it is opposite the Police Station on the corner of Winchester Street and South Street – do please take a look.

With our hats on, it was weddings that were on our minds for our annual themed evening at our June meeting. Members were asked to come dressed as if they really were attending a marriage ceremony and several shared memories of either their own weddings or ones they had attended – not all had gone according to plan.

This was followed by an excellent short themed quiz – did you now that the original meaning of the word Bride was cook – neither did many of us and there were a few mutterings about getting married under false pretences. During refreshments there was more amusement as we attempted to recognise fellow members in their bridal finery – not as easy as we thought it would be.

Diary Dates:

12 July – Medieval Urban Bounce – A guided walk around Winchester

26 July – Garden Meeting

01 September – Village Fete – The WI will be organising the refreshments as usual

27 September – Jane Benson will be giving us An insight into the role of Hampshire’s High Sheriff – Village Hall 7.30 p.m.

01 October – Danebury Group Autumn Meeting

Keeping our fingers crossed for a fine evening, we are off to Quarley next month for our garden meeting at the kind invitation of our member, Sue Farr. If you would like to join us, then please give me a ring on 01264 335630.

Sharon King