WI Newsletter – May 2004

The topics at this month’s meeting were very diverse ranging from the funding of the air ambulance service, the village (mini) fete teas, the landscaping of the Village Hall and a trip to Denman College in June 2005 – talk about forward planning.

May is the month that each Institute debates the Resolutions that are voted on at the NFWI’s Annual General Meeting, which this year is being held at the Hallam Arena in Sheffield on 09 June. On this occasion, there were three to discuss; first on the agenda was the funding of the air ambulance service, followed by the growing of GM crops in the UK. This is a subject the WI has been actively involved with for some years and once again, this was brought to our attention. Finally, we were asked to consider the increase in the trafficking of human beings, in particular women and children. If this resolution gets a positive mandate at the AGM then WI members will be able to raise public awareness of this issue.

To end the evening on a light-hearted note, Cecilia Cotton read a poem from the HCFWI Celebration 85 booklet which took an amusing look at the differences between men and women, expressing the sentiment that with a few little changes they would be perfect – just like us!

Earlier in the month, we had a working party to give the borders around the village hall a spring prune and tidy, as well as landscaping around the newly erected ramp. We had been asked to do this by the Village Hall Committee. Do please take a look at the before and after photographs supplied to this website.

Unfortunately we also had to admit that our skittles team had not been successful in the recent final, but thanks were given to all those who had come along to the Eagle on 07 May to give us some much needed practice.

June is a busy month for us, beginning with the Danebury Group round of the Federation quiz, then we have a visit to Amport House followed our monthly meeting which is in the garden of one of our members and last, but definitely not least, our Midsummer Madness evening on the 30th. If you would like to join us, this is to be an evening of fun and food; tickets are £6 each and include a buffet supper – please get in touch for more details.

If you would like to join us in the garden on 24 June, please do get in touch and we will give you the necessary details, otherwise we will be back in the Village Hall on 29 July when we are having a themed evening – our chosen subject being holidays.

Sharon King