WI Newsletter – May 2011

Mega Farms and local libraries were the two diverse subjects discussed at this month’s meeting, as indeed it would be at every other Institute. These are the resolutions that will be debated at the National Federation’s AGM in Liverpool next month. Our members supported both these resolutions, although there had been a few reservations about their wording and others felt that perhaps we shouldn’t expect to have every library service provided free of charge. One member had been amazed to discover that it was possible to download books for use on an electronic book reader at no cost via the library.

Joy Hickin has been a member of Abbotts Ann W.I. for over 50 years and it was a delight to celebrate her 90th birthday with the presentation of a bouquet of flowers and a birthday cake made by Judy Wickham

All our efforts at knitting colourful jumpers for the children of Zimbabwe have been appreciated, as confirmed in an email from the Zimbabwe Federation in which the writer said how delighted the children were to see our first two parcels containing 22 jumpers – “wow” was the adjective.

As well as attending Denman College in July, visiting in Tyntesfield in August, a suggestion was made to go to the Mayflower Theatre in March – 2012 that is – some members felt that their life was going by quickly enough as it is, but support for the idea was given nevertheless.

Next month we will be in the garden of Patricia Elkington in Crawley, near Winchester.

Diary Dates:

11 June – Walking Group

25 June – Lunch Club

28 June – Reading Group

30 June – Garden Meeting – Crawley (weather permitting)

09 July – Walking Group

28 July – Beetle Drive & Ploughman’s Supper

30 July – Lunch Club

Sharon King