WI Newsletter – November 2011

The owner of Loosehanger Cheeses gave an interesting talk on how cheese is made and finished this off with a lovely tasting session. This small company is a true artisan cheese maker employing just seven people and all cheeses are handmade as witnessed from the photographs and presentation by its owner. Quite a few of the cheeses are medal winners.

The milk used to make the cheeses is from an Ayrshire dairy herd (reputed to be the best source for cheese making) sourced from a farm near Basingstoke. The price yield for milk used for cheese making is higher than the EC quota price for a pint of milk; therefore, it is a much better investment for dairy farmers to sell onto cheese makers, as opposed to the daily pint via the supermarket.

All Loosehanger cheeses are suitable for vegetarians, and in keeping with an artisan product are sold in niche face to face environments. There is no desire to increase production or supply via supermarkets.

Our members have not had such a hectic month, but we have still been reading and walking. However, we are now looking forward to our December meeting when it will be home-grown entertainment followed by an “American” supper. You are still welcome to join us, but make a note it is on the 8th December, but still in the village hall starting at 7.30 p.m.

Diary Dates:

08 December – Meeting 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall – Christmas Entertainment

10 December – Walking Group

13 December – Reading Group

Sharon King