WI Newsletter – November 2013

You were warned that our November meeting would involve eating and drinking and it did, as we were transported around the UK with delicious cheeses by Laura the cheese & delicatessen specialist from Waitrose. Her colleague Pip, their wine expert, took us further afield with a selection of wine, champagne, beer, cider and port. There was some concern about our members being breathalysed as they left the village hall, but in truth only small amounts of each was consumed – honest!

We sampled Red Leicester with beer, Hafod Welsh Cheddar with cider, the dreaded goat’s cheese came from the New Forest and was actually quite delicious, it smelt of lemons and went down well with Sancerre wine. To follow there was Trevarrian Cornish Brie with champagne (such luxury) and finally Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton with, what else, but Port of course.

Laura and Pip are very knowledgeable about their respective subjects and have nationally recognised qualifications and were happy to answer our members’ questions. It turned out that Pip had spoken at one of our meetings some years ago, when she was a store detective. She is still conscious of customers’ security and warned us to be vigilant of our handbags when shopping, especially at this time of year, as there are unfortunately people out there waiting to take advantage – even in Waitrose!

Following the Fete Committee AGM, our members were delighted to hear that we had been awarded £400.00 to be used for education and to enhance our bursary. Thinking caps are now on as to how this can be best used to benefit as many members as possible.

Earlier in the month we said farewell to Christine Fell who has down sized and moved to Weybridge, she will be much missed and a tea party was held in her honour when she was presented with a basket of bulbs, which hopefully will grace a window sill in her new flat.

The Supper Club was an intimate affair again this month when we returned to the Poplar Farm Inn and again it was a chance to have a good catch-up, oh and the food was good as well. Our meetings can be so busy and lively there is no time to chat. Unfortunately no walking this month – the weather was against us, but we hope that we will make it next month.

Our next meeting is on 12th December and we are delighted that Chapter & Verse has agreed to entertain us with a mixture of seasonal offerings – some of you may remember them when they came to the village a few years for a fund raising event in the Church.

Diary Dates

05 December – Supper Club

10 December – Reading Group

12 December – Monthly Meeting – 7.30 p.m. in The Village Hall – Chapter & Verse

14 December – Walking Group


9th January – Post-Christmas Dinner in the Village Hall

Sharon King