WI Newsletter – October 2010

Once again during October, our members have continued to enjoy their extra-curricular activities; chatting over a cup of coffee or lunch, reading and walking.

Adhering to the green credentials of the Women’s Institute, 12 of our members travelled by train, taking advantage of group save fares, to attend Hampshire Federation’s Autumn Meeting at The Anvil in Basingstoke. They had a very enjoyable day; as well as hearing from Lynn Andrews, Hampshire Federation Chairman, on all the opportunities available to members during 2010 and 2011, there were two guest speakers. In the morning, it was the turn of composer and conductor Jonathan Willcocks, who revealed that despite his musical background, he never intended to make it a career, but fate decided otherwise. Just before we broke for lunch, he invited us to sing Jerusalem for a second time, but this time with him conducting. For some of us this was a moving experience. In the afternoon we were keen to hear Eve Pollard who has the distinction of being the first woman to edit a Fleet Street newspaper; Eve kept us entertained with amusing anecdotes and memories of this period in her life.

Later in the month six of us took part in the Danebury Group round of the Federation’s skittles competition, on this occasion we only managed fourth place.

With all this activity it is a wonder we find time to attend the monthly meeting, but of course we do – never ones to pass up on an opportunity to get together. This month our guest speaker Lynn Willmott, volunteer co-ordinator at Mottisfont Abbey, was keen to share her enthusiasm for this estate now owned and run by the National Trust. With the aid of a PowerPoint presentation she condensed 800 years of history for us; however as interested as we are in the our local history, it was being told that 70,000 bulbs have been planted in the new winter garden that excited us on this occasion. It is the thought of these bursting into flower in the spring that is enticing many to contemplate re-visiting next year. Anticipating this, Mottisfont Abbey will be open to the public from February 2011, which is earlier than usual.

On behalf of our members Secretary Wendy Casson presented Val Downing with a bouquet of flowers to thank her for being our President for the last two years, a role which she made her own from the start of her term of office.

Jan Munnion had a very successful fete; as a result of which she was presented with both trophies only open to W.I. members (these trophies are in memory of past members, Mrs Thomas King and Mrs Marjorie Fowles).

Our next meeting is on 25 November which is our Annual Meeting. Due to changes within Hampshire Federation, this is the last time this will happen at this time of year. Our next annual meeting will be May 2012 (and annually from thereon) meaning that the committee and officers elected next month will serve for 18 months.

Diary Dates:

02 Nov – Reading Group

04 Nov – Evening at Abbotts Ann School

10 Nov – Coffee Morning

13 Nov – Walking Group

25 Nov – Meeting at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall : Annual Meeting

09 Dec – Meeting at 7 p.m. in the Village Hall (festive celebrations)

11 Dec – Walking Group

Sharon King