WI Newsletter – September 2009

The day of the fête was overcast but this did not deter a band of willing helpers gathering to provide tea and cakes to refresh the tired, footsore or just plain hungry. We enjoyed the compliments given for our culinary skills.

This month ended with a period of beautiful weather and our meeting was full of laughter as we listened to the tales, “tall ones”, of Nigel Palmer as he recounted some of the more amusing experiences he had as a policeman who wore a “high hat”. The ability to see humour in a situation and have an understanding of human behaviour can only be an asset in a job like that, whether dealing with armed robbers, practising life-saving or releasing a humanely trapped mouse. Nigel Palmer demonstrated his sense of fun and gave us a very enjoyable evening although perhaps, we only had half the story.

Next month we are looking forward to seeing “The Sound of Music” at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton and there are plans for a winter project.

Diary Dates:

05 October – Danebury Group Meeting (Grateley)

10 October – Walking Group

13 October – Coffee Morning

15 October – Mayflower Theatre – Sound of Music

26 October – HCFWI Annual Skittles Competition – Danebury Group

29 October – Meeting at 7.30 p.m. in the Village Hall

31 October – Lunch Club

04 November – Book Club

14 November – Walking Group

Our next meeting is on the 29th October, but our planned speaker is unable to fulfil her commitment as unfortunately she has broken her hip. Therefore, we are in the process of seeing what else can be arranged. In any case, our members have been asked to come along with ideas for incorporation in our proposal for a winter project – intrigued then come along and find out what we are planning – Village Hall 7.30 p.m. start.

Sharon King