Abbotts Ann Magazine

The Parochial Church Council were very sad to learn in the March edition of the magazine team’s resignation.

For many years Andrea Jackson and Pam Lytle have worked magnificently to publish and distribute the magazine, and recently Mark Stevens has done sterling work as advertising representative. We are extremely grateful to them and hope that they will assist us to carry their good work forward.

What next for the Magazine

We shall continue monthly publication with Judeth Dashwood and Jill Tayler as interim editor and distribution team leader.

It is essential that we have an Advertising representative to bring in the advertisers for the next magazine year. This post has yet to be filled. If you are prepared to volunteer please contact Graham Platford on 711164.

Magazine input: Please contact Judeth Dashwood at – editor.abbottsannparishmag@gmail.com

Finances: Thank you to all subscribers who have already paid. All future payments to The PCC of Abbotts Ann please. Any queries or for details for electronic payments contact Jenny Gorski at – treasurer.abbottsannpcc@gmail.com

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