Award for Hibbert and Liddell Cups 2020/2021 with Video

The Hall Trustees, together with the then current cup holders, once again considered a number of nominations this year, as well as considering prior year nominations. If your own nomination was unsuccessful, please be assured that it was a good one, and do submit it again next year.

They came to a unanimous decision to award the Hibbert Cup for outstanding community service to Brian Sims, and this was done outside the shop on virtual Fete Day on 5th  September, when Brian became the 19th holder of the Hibbert Cup.

For more than three decades Brian has maintained and mowed the village playing field at Bulbery and, since its acquisition, The Green behind Manor Close as well. He also served for over thirty years as a Parish Councillor, and was an active member of the Sports Field Committee throughout.

The team also came to a unanimous decision to award the Liddell Cup (for a specific outstanding community project completed during the year) to the Abbotts Ann COVID-19 Community Support Group Project (AACSG). A large number of residents – particularly the members of the Committee – made a significant contribution to this project, and the Cup was presented to John and Christina Benson, who had initiated AACSG and provided leadership throughout.

Their initial ‘call to action’ prompted a huge response from across the village, with well over 100 people volunteering  to help pick up prescriptions or go shopping for those who couldn’t leave their homes.

There were a number of very successful AACSG events during the lockdown, which John and Christina supported and helped promote, whether through regular emails or the newsletter.  These events included the plant sale, several well attended zoom concerts and the VE Day celebrations. 

John and Christina became the 3rd holders of the Liddell Cup when it was presented to them on 5th September on virtual Fete Day.

The full  Rolls of Honour of both Cups are displayed in the War Memorial Hall and on the village web site.


Graham Stallard

Secretary and Trustee
Abbotts Ann War Memorial Hall