News about the Abbotts Ann War Memorial Hall

Just wanted to share some news about the Abbotts Ann War Memorial Hall. As you might know, the recent musical evening with Daisy Chute and Lucy May Walker was a great success and we’re planning more exciting events at the moment so please watch this space. We will be reviving the village tradition of holding Apple Day in the autumn where we all bring apples to the hall, pop them in the press that’s in the hall garden, drink freshly pressed apple juice and play games. If anyone would like to join a small group organising the event, please just give me a shout.

The War Memorial Hall is a tremendous resource at the heart of the village, as you can see from the virtual tour that’s now on the website HERE But the Hall is facing some tough financial challenges. We have a leaky roof and there’s quite a long list of other things that need maintaining. Thanks to Mark, Karen and Simon for ensuring that there’s a good quality temporary repair to the roof which means that we can continue to use the Hall during wet weather. The problem is that unfortunately the funds that we’ve got set aside for such eventualities isn’t sufficient to cover everything. We are therefore setting up an appeal to raise funds for the roof repairs so that we can keep this great facility at the heart of the village now and for generations to come.

As the War Memorial Hall Committee, our request to you as villagers is that you use the hall for your functions and events and also help us by donating HERE to the roof appeal. Our target is raising £10k. We know that times are tough economically and inflation is a real worry, but even donating small amounts makes a massive difference.

We will of course keep you posted

Judith Cole — Chair Abbotts Ann War Memorial Hall Committee