W.I. Newsletter June 2023

This has a been a busy month for our members.  We met and chatted at our coffee morning at the Sports Pavilion in the Village first.  Then we walked and talked our way around Chilbolton a few days later and then adjourned to the Abbotts Mitre afterwards and talked some more.  A few members of our walking group joined in a wildflower identification walk in Harmony Woods a few weeks later. 

Seventeen of our members travelled to Hillier’s Arboretum for a visit on the 22nd of June.  Our excellent guide, Deborah, welcomed us and walked us around the beautiful site, identifying the trees and shrubs which gave some welcome shade on the hot afternoon.  We learnt some of its history and how it currently operates – it is a separate entity from the Garden Centres.  Some of our members took advantage of one of the buggies, whilst our more intrepid members climbed a hill and some steps.  We were reunited later for the final stage of our tour and then most decided it was time for a welcome cup of tea and cake.  A very enjoyable afternoon subsidised by our Pamela King fund.

Then for our meeting we had a lovely treat.  Belinda Langford Butler combines her role as a Beauty Consultant for Mary Kay cosmetics with being a fitness and dance instructor.  She was here to give us hints and advice on applying make up for the over 50s (we are of course much younger at heart!) and Carol Aldridge was the lucky winner of the draw to be made-up during the evening.  Belinda chose colours and products to suit Carol’s complexion and colouring.  Carol was very pleased with the result.

Belinda was a breath of fresh air and very enthusiastic.  She gave us tips on under eye correctors, primers, foundations and eye shadows etc.  She also instructed us not to pump our mascaras when they were drying up, nor was it necessary to open our mouths to apply!  There was much laughter at this aside.   Comments at the end of the evening included “I have learnt a lot” and “I have been doing it all wrong for years”.  Some members ordered products on the evening and many more probably went home to look more closely at their make-up bags.   Whilst members enjoyed a cup of tea there was an opportunity to have some hand treatments.  It was a very successful and enjoyable evening.   We will all be even more glamorous when you next see us!

Our meeting next month is on 27th July at 7.30 p.m. in the village hall as usual.  Our speaker will be Bronda Dosset with Tales from Downton Abbey (an interesting look behind the scenes, including insight into the family who lived at Highclere Castle where it was filmed).  Visitors are always welcome to come along to our meetings, so if you were a fan of the tv series and subsequent films do come along – you will also hear more about our activities.  There is a small entry charge.


11 July –           Guided Walk – Andover

13 July –           Coffee Morning – Sports Pavilion at 10.30 a.m. (£2 to include refreshments) Non-members welcome

20 July –           Supper Club

27 July –           Monthly Meeting – Abbotts Ann Village Hall : 7.30 p.m.