W.I. Newsletter June 2020

Whilst we are slowly coming out of lockdown, as measures are being eased, there is still no news as to when public gatherings can take place, so we are unable to plan any meetings at the moment. 

Keeping within social distancing guidelines, three members of our walking group strolled together this month; two of us met at The Hexagon in Andover and then walked to meet the third outside the entrance to the Garden Centre on the Salisbury Road.  We stayed local, walking the footpaths around the village and then had an informal WI gathering at the back gate of a fourth member.   It was lovely to meet up and have a chat and try to put the world to rights! 

Some members have met up informally either for a walk or sitting in each other’s gardens to catch up with each other. 

Sue George is ringing members on their birthdays, as the cards she had organised for the whole year are stored in our cupboard in the village hall, to which we do not currently have access! 

The Committee has continued to have meetings via Zoom to discuss various WI matters including how to hold our Annual Meeting.  We are hoping that this can be a public meeting later in the year, but if necessary, there are options to do these on an Internet conferencing platform.